How to Run a Melbourne Cup Sweep

A sweep is when a number of people pay to purchase a coupon, each representing a horse.
There is no skill element involved, and odds are ignored completely.

Melbourne Cup Sweep

Your Download

Your download should contain 3 separate PDF forms –

  • 1. Sweep tickets representing horses 1-12 in the Melbourne Cup
  • 2. Sweep tickets representing horses 13-24 in the Melbourne Cup
  • 3. A draw sheet where the prize values are shown and the participants entries are shown

The process of running a sweep is as follows:-

  • A. Cut out all sweep tickets so you should have 24 tickets per sweep
  • B. Determine the cost of each ticket and the prize values (Typically, first place will win about half of the prize pool, with the remainder divided on a sliding scale to second and third. There may even be some money given to last place!)
  • C. Tickets are given out randomly, usually by getting each participant to pick out a sweep ticket usually from a hat or container
  • D. The name of the participant should be written on this draw sheet alongside the name of the horse he/she has chosen. The form then should be pinned up publicly so that participants can see which horse/s they and others have drawn out
  • E. Enjoy the race and once official placings have been notified, distribute the prizes!

Its that simple!

Participating in a Melbourne Cup sweep is an Australian way of life in workplaces and social clubs throughout the country, becoming the focus of the days festivities